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Silk WordsI am excited to announce the publication of two interactive historical romances, both to be featured this spring at the fabulous new SilkWords.com. More information on the site, free samples of the stories and a peek into the exciting world of interactive fiction coming soon! Make sure to subscribe to this blog for more information, free samples and information on all things Silk Words.

THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU – debuting Valentine’s Day 2014

The Very Thought of YouIt’s 1955 in Portland Oregon. Helen Brandt, a typist at Northwest Paper, still grieves the death of her lover Evelyn. She tells herself she is content with solitude – until a chance encounter with Frances Rogers, a vivacious executive secretary who works on the third floor has her questioning her choices and her iron hold on her heart. Or does she find happiness with Kit, the striking woman who held her and healed her through many dark days?

IT DON’T MEAN A THING – debuting Spring 2014

It Don't Mean a ThingSycamore Grove, 1931: Ruby Banks has a dream – and none of it involves the family diner, her engagement to auto mechanic Audie McCardle, or singing on Sundays at the Methodist Church. Ruby has a love – for moving pictures and the promise of Hollywood. When the Harmoneers, an all- female novelty (but first-rate) jazz quintet finds itself stranded and out of gas in Sycamore Grove, Ruby takes her chance to flee. Along the way to the land of sun and cinema, Ruby trusts her fate to band leader Ida Kemperer Waite, who knows how to use her honey voice, just-right curves and violet eyes to get anything she wants. Ruby finds herself chased by her fiancé, wined and dined and cheated by Ida, and wooed by her best friend, Maud Riley. And Maud finds herself courted by Bea, a shy and sexy trombone player. And all are under the influence of Ida’s trouble-making 10-year-old, Viv.
(p.s. official cover coming soon)

Ina Ray Hutton


And just for fun – here’s a link to the fabulous Ina Ray Hutton and Her Melodears.

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